Why I’m Running for the Suffolk County Legislature

I am and always have been a “Citizen Public Servant”.  I am a successful private businessman, innovator and a proven problem solver in government.  I have had the chance to use this expertise to make life better for the people I represent: my friends and neighbors of the Town of Islip.  Now, I would like to use those same skills to help solve some of the many and dire problems that face the County of Suffolk.

The current administration’s fiscal policies have gotten Suffolk’s finances in the worst shape they have ever been in the County’s entire 334 year history!  That’s not political rhetoric, that’s an undisputed fact.  10 years ago, Suffolk County’s debt was roughly $600 million. Today, after 10 years of Democrat control, the debt now exceeds $2 billion.

Economic development is one of the most vitally important duties government does for its citizens but Suffolk County’s current administration seems clueless when it comes to attracting businesses and good paying jobs. 

Suffolk County has the highest rates of death caused by opioid overdose in the State.  This plague continues to grow while gang violence has become an all too common headline.  A lack of political will and leadership has been a major contributor to these conditions.  I’m running for the Suffolk County Legislature because I know we can and must do better. 

Most politicians just know how to tax and spend your hard-earned dollars.  As Islip Town Councilman, I used my business and government expertise to secure Private Funding & Volunteers to Renovate & Build Projects in the town at No Cost to the Taxpayers!

Ronald Reagan once said, “No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size.”  That certainly describes the out of control spending going on in county government but not in the Town of Islip.  As a successful business leader and elected public servant, I know how to control overhead, eliminate waste, balance a budget and meet a bottom line.  These skills seem to be entirely non-existent in today’s county government.  I made tough, common sense decisions that have actually shrank the size of Town Government by cutting wasteful government spending, without eliminating any essential services to town residents.  At the same time, Town’s Bond Rating improved to Triple AAA, the Highest on Long Island!

There’s only two places government can go to increase tax revenue: businesses or residents.  Every time we say “no” to business and fail to expand the corporate tax base, we say “yes” to a residential property tax increase.  It’s time we started to say yes to business so we can reduce the residential tax burden.

The goal is to bring professional technical companies to the county with the good paying jobs they come with.  This will not only hold the line on people’s taxes but will provide them with greater spending power which will thereby stimulate the economy.  As a Town Councilman, I’ve been able to use my business expertise to promote economic growth through private and public partnerships. 

I have always stood with the people in implementing anti-corruption, ethical reform measures like Term Limits.  In 2005, when Democracy was under attack with an attempt to subvert the will of the people by overturning term limits in Islip, I stood with the people to say “NO”!
As Town Councilman, I then voted to impose Term Limits on all elected officials in Islip...including myself!

As a successful private businessman and a proven problem solver in government, I will bring new and innovative approaches to:

  • Reduce the Tax Burden on the Hard-Working Taxpayers of Suffolk County

  • Cut Wasteful Government Spending

  • Stimulate Our Local Economy & Create Good Paying Jobs

  • Implement Common Sense Fiscal Policy in Suffolk County

  • Stimulate Our Local Economy & Create Good Paying Jobs

  • Promote Economic Growth

  • Increase Private/Public Partnerships

  • Provide the Resources to Combat Gang Violence & the Heroin Epidemic

I’m running for the Suffolk County Legislature to better protect, improve the quality of life and reduce the tax burden on the hard-working taxpayers of Suffolk County.  They deserve a break and they deserve better than they’ve been getting.